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The Parallax
Topics Related to the Parallax
Main Characters
Other Recurring Characters
  • Mrs Olive Dunkly
  • Mrs Irma Dawes
  • Mr Henry Dawes
  • Spy Kid
  • Mr Short
  • Mrs Short
  • Mr Maurice Blackburn
  • Rick Garcia
  • Mr Bruce
Minor Characters
  • Werrinup Café Server
  • Mrs Thompson
  • Chemist Assistant
  • Julia Dreamboat
  • Fireman
  • Singer
  • Rich Man

List of Episodes

  1. One Big Happy Family
  2. A Rare Find
  3. The Artful Dodger
  4. Achey, Breaky Heart
  5. Lost in Paradise
  6. One Man's Rubbish
  7. Artes Veritas
  8. The Battle of Mundi's World
  9. The Big Sleep-Over
  10. The Martin Crimes
  11. The World According to Betti
  12. The Curse of the Incredibly Bad News
  13. Decoy
  14. Too Many Chiefs
  15. Ex-Ben
  16. Dad Meets Dad
  17. The Krellick War
  18. The Reluctant Guardian
  19. Seek and You Shall Find
  20. Sand Witch
  21. My Favorite Martin
  22. Cheats Never Prosper
  23. Martinmania
  24. The Reading Room
  25. Clownin' Around
  26. It Ain't Over

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